Paul Kaptien 

Mandorla Art Award 2014 - Winner
Laminated, hand carved wood.
h58 w28 d30cm


This is not my beautiful house
This is not my beautiful wife

"It’s not about the words. It’s about the memories lost inside the words."
Virginia Woolf, from Selected Letters (via c-ovet)


I recently did an illustration for Karakasa Games's project, Thunderbeam! You can sign up to get more info/updates about the game here.

I had pretty much free reign on composition, so long as it included the two playable characters appearing in the demo that this image will accompany, was set in a jungle-type landscape, and included the statue. Also get a load of my overly detailed so-called sketches.


L’Illusionniste / The Illusionist
Film d’animation / Animation feature film
Sylvain Chomet (2010)
Written by Sylvain Chomet and Jacques Tati

Jacques Tati originally wrote the script for The Illusionist. It was a love letter from a father to his first daughter, but never got produced. Sylvain Chomet, director of The Triplets of Belleville / Les Triplettes de Belleville, adapted the script and once again used his own original animated style.

Official Selection: 2010 Berlin International Film Festival
Official Selection: 2010 Toronto International Film Festival
Opening Night: 2010 Edinburgh International Film Festival
Academy Award. Animated Feature, nominated (last 3)
César Academy, winner.

From an old sketch


Temporal Sitter: Sculpture by Kevin Francis Gray


The Coronation of Napoleon, detail of Josephine, Jacques-Louis David